Last-look: Art Los Angeles Contemporary

Last year, Art Los Angeles Contemporary (ALAC) differentiated itself by making the daring fair leap of dipping a toe into the murky waters of virtuality— remember the VR environments by Jeremy Couillardand at Louis B James (New York) or the ear-bending 6-channel video installation of Matt Stokes…

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Last-look: 2016

It may have been a risky if not morbid year to be a celebrity… but it was a great year to be a sensory savvy, ephemeral conscious, and experiential attuned art exhibition in Los Angeles. In order of appearance, here are 16 immersive shows— 12 solos (with…

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Last-look: Telefantasy TV x Infinity Stage

The term “synthesis” comes from Latin’s “composition,” the Greek root nearly translating as “to put together.” Place “video” before this and it visualizes the stages encountered through the interplay of light, space and point of view. For Suzy Poling and Jennifer Juniper Stratford, video synthesis is…

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Last-look: WACKing the Piñata

It seems true that the most gratifying signs of an exhibition’s success lies in its residual ability to inspire other programming. Nine years ago, Connie Butler mounted the first monumental institutional survey examining the relationship between art and feminism at MOCA with Wack! Art and…

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Last-look: Great Show!!

Virtualization of experience and the object in the age of the post-digital are dismantled as form and topic in UCLA’s group show highlighting 2016 Design Media Arts MFA’s. Showcasing 6 artists and over 18 pieces, the works on display from this year’s grad students materialize a…

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First-look: Marcella Dvsi

The Italian-born London-based artist creates wearable fractals and limited edition prints evoking mythic archetypes through a dexterous process of affixing and twisting fabric. Combining a tactile sensibility with a mediative and meticulous technique, Marcella Dvsi’s collections and works on paper tie the ancient symbolic practice…

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Last-look: post-post

What is after in the age of the image? What follows in a model predicated by post-net culture? What comes “after after” is the object and subject dismantled within post-post— Christian Eckart’s solo show and LA debut standing in its final days at Wilding Cran…

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Last-look: Break Bread

‘What was your first dream?’ —I can’t remember. A precursor and pervading question greeting participants on a quiet, darkened Maple Street prior to the ascent into Think Tank Gallery’s presentation of Rough Sleeper last week. With performances over two days, Rough Sleeper was one of many…

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Last-look: MACO x MATERIAL

After returning from Mexico City to grace ZsONA MACO and Material for the first— and far from the last— time, I feel the antithesis of what I felt after Miami Art Week… except for sharing a similar perpetual hangover. This hangover, however, is not one ignited from a…

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Last-look: Second Life at Art Basel Miami

Oh Miami Art Week. A week so overwhelmingly FULL of things to see from debut curatorial marriages… ephemeral habitations… spawning satellites… and of course, the museum-quality prestige making-up the 250+ gallertropolosis that is Art Basel. By the time Saturday rolled around my eyes welled at capacity— tearing…

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Last-look: Celestial Railroad x Inexorable Acephalous Magnificence

Drawing on the past to picture a present, Jordan Sullivan presents two projects where fragments combine to create an open-ended whole. Celestial Railroad spans the neighboring spaces of Downtown Photoroom, offering a welcomed interval of clarity between the claustrophobic labyrinth of gaudy decor and glittery…

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Last-look: ‘… a pointy toe boot up the backside’ POST-ABSTRACTION FROM HOUSTON

Houston. The largest city in the southern US and trailing just behind Chicago, New York, and LA as the fourth most populous in the nation. The same can be said for Houston in its trailing— or often oversight— as a major contemporary art center rich…

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Neon. Trilobites. Climate change. The Grateful Dead. Body Armors. Body parts. Lord of the Flies. Gun control. David and Goliath. The Abyss. Alien. Re-animator. Eco-horror. Guy Fawkes’ mask. The “Unabomber Manifesto.” Chucky. Derrida… Enter ANXIETY SOCIAL CLUB: a sea embedded with encryption, reproduction, the mythological, the unknown… a show born within the…

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Last-look: Suddenly I See Crystal Clear

Conceptualizing space as collaborative and fluid, Christopher Füllemann and Daniel V. Keller transform the narrow walls of VACANCY into a conduit transcoding a simulated stream of natural wonder. A sculptural installation created on-site in a mere two-weeks, Suddenly I See Crystal Clear is first in a…

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Last-look: The Seth Bogart Show

Pee-wee’s Playhouse… Salvation Mountain… Disneyland… Instagram… edible make-up… cartoon adverts… stop-motion cigarette-smoking stilettos… plastic… plastic… plastic! All shiny anecdotes welcoming us and referenced in the land of The Seth Bogart Show. A world where mundane plasticity, whimsical ‘tantazy’ and fictional consumer products— from Legg’s control top…

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Last-look: Tree House Down

Rewind to 2010, to the site of a former artist collaboration conceived to inaugurate the walls of the then ‘new’ Ibid. space in East London. A homage to Yves Klein created in tandem with Harold Ancart, Amir Mogharabi presented Material Perdu, a project built utilizing materials left…

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Last-look: The Taste Of Purity

Non-places, land politics, postcolonial ecologies, spatial memory, and the origins of experience, permeate the visceral site-specific installations and photographic works in Jane Chang Mi’s solo show The Taste Of Purity at Adjunct Positions. Informed by her training as an ocean engineer, Mi designates the viewer…

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Last-look: Some Hippies and A Hobo

Colorful and humorous incarnations consider the physical fictions of painting and the nature of its cyclical relationship to time and place. Appropriating motifs from pop-culture, travel, and fetishizing cartoon-like figments of ‘the outsider,’ LA-artist Joshua Petker’s saturated paintings read— as the press release echoes— like…

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Last-look: How To Water

Once upon an August in 2014, 10 net artists convened on the Greek Island Serifos. In isolation on the island for a week— and marking their first IRL meeting— they assembled to activate an experiment: ‘to create freely, under the theme how to water.’ From this 7-day…

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Last-look: Songs of Convenience & Melancholy

Working between media and place, Zuzanna Czebatul extends cognitive possibilities and relational aesthetics through the sculptural architectures of her installations. Reconfiguring spatial representations, Czebatul maps environments that read as site-specific studies from an aerial perspective. Towering high above MacArthur Park, the contours of the corner-tucked…

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Last-look: The Outdoor Type

To me the most effective installations are those exploring the intricacies of the infinite. They are visceral and self-directed— partial parables— erecting and placing us in moments of reflexion contemplating the fluidity of perception and probing open the inconsistencies designed within exhibitions. Angeleno emblem Mark Hagen…

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Last-look: Let Power Take A Female Form

As a woman contributing to a critique where aesthetics are often over-intellectualized and women making art, or shows starring an all female cast, are too often overtly deemed to be ‘about feminism’ by anatomical default— it’s compelling to come across an exhibit where the ‘female…

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Last-look: Lovely Dark

Within the crisp sun-drenched irregular walls of the former Regen Projects HQ hang recent works by Yale’s 2015 MFA Photography Graduates. Curated by interdisciplinary artist and Regen staple, Jack Pierson, the show features ten artists whose works vary in form and content but share a…

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A newly established platform for audiovisual remixes, our live-score collaboration with Cinefamily returns under the guise VideoSonics. This time we accentuate the dazzling effects visible through reconfiguring auditory schematics. Creating another acoustic space for cinematic narratives to unfold, these artists place us in a new kind of…

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Last-look: A Guide to Benefits

Entering NY-based artist Martin Basher’s solo show, A Guide to Benefits, I am immediately self-conscious of things I forgot to buy: hand sanitizer and mouthwash are set in front of the first crisp gray gradient that greets me and perpetuates Basher’s body of paintings. The…

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Last-look: Papercut

Czech artist Ira Svobodová nails her LA solo show debut with the sculptural paintings showcased in Papercut. With seamless edges and a pristine neutral palette cut with flashes of rich blues and peaches, the acrylic on linen works glide into space like paper planes. Hovering…

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Uncontrollable A/V: Towards a New Live-Score Aesthetic

The first edition of AUDIODROME infiltrates the iconic site of a former Silent Movie Theatre with it’s series debut Vol. 1: Terminal Vortex tomorrow at The Cinefamily. Just as video— and music alike— have entered a new development stage with an inclination towards the digital environment, the concept of…

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AUDIODROME: Terminal Vortex

Introducing AUDIODROME: a new playground for presenting forward-thinking audiovisual remixes. Premiering at the Cinefamily next Thursday, the event series debuts with Vol 1: Terminal Vortex. The first iteration doubles as a platform for showcasing new audiovisual cohabitations and as the official record release soiree for Kid606’s latest beats on Tigerbeat6. Synthesizing audio infusers…

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  • Suzy Poling

    Suzy Poling

  • Sera Lindsey

    Sera Lindsey

  • Ariana Papademetropoulos

    Ariana Papademetropoulos

  • Christopher Reid Martin

    Christopher Reid Martin

  • Doty/Glasco


  • Jordan Minardi

    Jordan Minardi

  • Pilar Zeta

    Pilar Zeta

  • Lani Trock

    Lani Trock

  • Suzy Poling

    Suzy Poling

  • Doty/Glasco


Semiospheres: A Pop-Up Show

In conjunction with the release of The WORK Magazine’s collaboration-focused print Issue No 7, we co-host the one-night show Semiospheres. Shaping an intermedial conversation between contributors from the latest issue alongside LA creatives, Semiospheres brings together interdisciplinary artists whose individual practices inform a structure and unity supported by another. When placed in…

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Last Look: <em>Wallflower at the Orgy</em>

Last Look: Wallflower at the Orgy

Closing this weekend at SADE is a show where whimsical fantasy and sophisticated reconfiguration marry in a perfect plane.  Transforming the angular cubicle walls of the former Night Gallery into an atmospheric scene with hanging ferns and lilac carpet, the painted worlds of Ariana Papademetropoulos envelope us in a picture of a surreal salon….

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The Ubiquitous Gaze of the Wallflower: Ariana Papademetropoulos

‘It’s about creating a gateway where a seemingly traditional environment is liquified; revealing it’s organic and interpretive forms that bare similar effects to a Rorschach inkblot test,’ says Ariana Papademetropoulos, a portrait of beauty herself, perched amidst a sea of plants suspended above painted interiors embellishing…

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Parallel Portals: Nothing Lasts Forever x Time Always Finds You

Through site-specificity and the documentation of ephemeral occurrences, two shows reassemble painting and photography into archival experiences tracing movement and temporality. Propelling two-dimensions into a three-dimensional plane, April Street and Doty/Glasco— the collaborative product of artists JR Doty and Joe Glasco— take image-processes beyond the…

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#FBF: 5 Things That Didn’t Lack at ALAC – Art Los Angeles Contemporary

Last weekend it was that one-time of year in Los Angeles where three big international art happenings happened simultaneously— otherwise known as Superbowl weekend to the rest of the world.  The first and longest running in the trio of art fairs to hit was Art Los Angeles…

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  • Nobuyoshi Araki 'Erotos' series | Amanasalto Gallery

    Nobuyoshi Araki 'Erotos' series | Amanasalto Gallery

  • Carly Steward 'Rodin Cut 6' | Cohen Gallery

    Carly Steward 'Rodin Cut 6' | Cohen Gallery

  • Matthieu Lavanchy | SVA BFA Photography

    Matthieu Lavanchy | SVA BFA Photography

  • Rachel Wark ' Clear ASMR' | SVA BFA Photography

    Rachel Wark ' Clear ASMR' | SVA BFA Photography

  • Alexandra Pacheco Garcia | feat. in 'Women of Photography: Los Angeles’ installation

    Alexandra Pacheco Garcia | feat. in 'Women of Photography: Los Angeles’ installation

  • Catherine Opie 'Untitled No. 6' | Installation & Opening Night Honoree

    Catherine Opie 'Untitled No. 6' | Installation & Opening Night Honoree

  • Henri van Noordenburg 'Composition XIX' |  Queensland Centre for Photography

    Henri van Noordenburg 'Composition XIX' | Queensland Centre for Photography

  • Stacy Twilley | feat. in 'Point of View' installation

    Stacy Twilley | feat. in 'Point of View' installation

  • David La Roche 'Self-Portrait' | Queensland Centre for Photography

    David La Roche 'Self-Portrait' | Queensland Centre for Photography

  • Melanie Willhide | feat. in 'Women of Photography: Los Angeles’ installation

    Melanie Willhide | feat. in 'Women of Photography: Los Angeles’ installation

  • Stefanie Schneider 'Radha Pink'

    Stefanie Schneider 'Radha Pink'

Photo LA: Not Just A Wall

It’s art fair season in Los Angeles… kicking-off this weekend with the LA Art Show and the 24th iteration of the international exposition photo la.  Returning to downtown’s historic LA Mart fortress The REEF January 15-18th, photo la showcases a lens-based potpourri ranging from the 19th Century to…

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12 LA Art WOAH Picks of 2014

It’s the time of year when your inbox fills with ‘top’ lists… top art shows you missed… top art dealers dating artists they represent… top Klaus Biesenbach selfie’s with a pop star… you name it… there’s probably a curated list tagged with ‘art’ and ‘top’ somewhere.  Unlike…

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