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We still had a good, fair, clean election. Are kept for 60 days for local elections, but when state or federal races are voted on, the ballots are kept for 22 months. Once the ballots are no longer needed, they are taken to Globe Metallurgical in Beverly to be burned, Pawloski said..

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In a letter to the state board Tuesday, Maryland House Speaker Adrienne A. Jones and Senate President Bill Ferguson called on election officials to add several in person voting centers and additional ballot drop boxes in Baltimore City and Montgomery County to ensure that voters are able to participate in the primary. Some of Montgomery County’s ballots also were delayed..

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Kaitlyn: Performing for the CWS is something that is just an all around rad experience: the staff are amazing, the people you meet are inspiring and performing for a packed stadium of that size by yourself is unreal. In the studio, you use reverb plugins and such, but there is nothing like the real sound of a stadium. It such an honor.


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