First-look: Marcella Dvsi

The Italian-born London-based artist creates wearable fractals and limited edition prints evoking mythic archetypes through a dexterous process of affixing and twisting fabric. Combining a tactile sensibility with a mediative and meticulous technique, Marcella Dvsi’s collections and works on paper tie the ancient symbolic practice of braiding into signature designs collaging the body into architectures both whimsical and refined. Arranged in emblematic cascades, each handmade item shapes the amorphic beauty sewn within the possibilities of design and structure— every finished piece unique and standing as an innate progression from the last.

Finding inspiration through contact with nature and following an instinctive methodology, Marcella seems to depart from the role of a “fashion designer” in the most traditional sense. Embracing materiality and an artistic discipline, she is a sculptor entreating sensorial faculties; interweaving ethereal imagery to reveal elaborate, artisanal pieces realizing the fantastic armors of the physical form.

Making their US debut, designs for Marcella Dvsi are now available in-store at HLNR (H. Lorenzo). Marcella Dvsi has been featured internationally— editorials include Vogue Italia, Vogue Russia, PIG, and Ward Magazine. Select showcases include collaborations with Primitive London, Fake Tokyo, and Tsvetnoy Central Market in Moscow. For US inquiries on commissions or to see more from the artist IRL, write us!

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Marcella DvsiAll photos © Marcella Dvsi.