Coach Adam Gase also will love what Thomas can do to

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Mr Marshall says he is planting 117 species of rare and endangered oaks in his arboretum, and he comments that the only place the National Arboretum’s two species of oak are endangered is at the arboretum itself.The need to improve his arboretum soil, degraded by timber growing, then wheat, then grazing, inspired his three years of experiments with producing biochar. He has now linked up with Exeter retort maker Robin Rawle and Sydney deck maker Steve Hardiman to make and sell retorts, which he is calling the “Carboniser”, and which will sell for $30,000 to $35,000. Mr Marshall imported one of Mr Rawle’s retorts and has “Australianised” the design, strengthening it for easier transport over rough roads and upgrading it to cope with the hot burning Australian hardwoods.Mr Marshall said while other biochar makers on the market were designed for either very small amounts or hundreds of tonnes, his were built big enough to cope with one tonne, and small enough to be transportable.He envisages it as useful for bushfire brigades clearing fuel loads, councils, farmers and people who want to make and sell biochar onsite.”We want to see these things on the farm, people using them to turn eucalyptus sticks into biochar to reduce fuel loads, in municipal dumps to deal with bones and heavy organic matter,” he said.”The idea of biochar is that you’ve created intractable carbon which means the carbon structure is resistant to further decay.

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