Our Mission

A Los Angeles based creative agency and idea hub, WOAH brings visionary projects to new terrain. WOAH sees off-the-grid and unique locations as an opportunity to showcase innovation. Offering a range of services, WOAH connects audiences through promoting creative cultivation and exhibiting progressive redevelopment within a growing contemporary market and increasingly commercial landscape.

Through adaptive reuse of urban space and playing with the presentation of new media, WOAH opens the context for experiencing art. Activating out-of-the-box corridors as sites for creative place-making are key to sustaining a future of artists and their followers— experimentation cultivates new work, the exchange of ideas, and allows initiatives to be born. Dedicated to bridging spheres of visual inquiry, WOAH excavates platforms for projects to be made, seen, and inspire.

Our Services

Working in tandem with artists, multimedia brands, and property owners, WOAH orients experiential projects in unexpected places. In addition to artist representation, WOAH provides oversight and management for temporary and long-term projects– whether they be regional partnerships, unique ‘pop-up’ ventures, ephemeral ‘one-off’ events, ongoing exhibitions or site-specific collaborations.

For space providers, WOAH markets locations to potential tenants by showcasing them as attractive art sites. Housing spaces with art, we curate and manage exhibitions through project-specific PR campaigns— attracting new audiences and future investors. For creators, WOAH couples our unique network reach and strategic management experience to provide elastic management for individual artists. For all collaboration inquiries, contact us.