Events / Exhibitions

The Challenge

As the first collaboration between Kate Parsons and Ben Vance— collectively known as FLOAT— 3VR is an interactive experience born from a single- channel video. Reconfigured into a three-channel video installation mapping the space for an enhanced VR experience, 3VR is a meditation on organic and inorganic structures where flickering forms dissolve into lush, textural glitches and concentric projected landscapes.

The Solution

3VR marked a lasting collaboration between the artists, debuting as an individualized journey heightened by optical illusions and atmospheric audio— an interactive realm where spherical hybrids act as portals for new cognitions to take place. Finite abstractions are encountered as acute and weightless elements— botanical planets— melding into complex formations as the viewer navigates through simulated aural space. Entering pixelated orbs, participants glide past dimensions to uncover a surreal and infinite hyperreal— a realm within and just beyond the ‘natural’ state and video frame. With an original score by Kid606, 3VR is a glimpse into an exploratory future rendered through the marriage of artists and new media.

The Result

Curated by WOAH and first premiering as a pop-up experience at UFO Space (formerly Perry Rubenstein Gallery) in Hollywood, 3VR continues to travel to international venues— making appearances at art fairs including TIFF and screened in showcases hosted by VICE, PULSE, VR Scout among more.