Events / Performances

The Challenge

A re-dubbed series marking our first collaboration with the Cinefamily theater, Videosonics was conceived as a playground pushing parameters of live-score events. Creating an acoustic space for cinematic narratives to unfold, the Los Angeles-based artists featured in the program place us in a new kind of sound world— one where subject and other are placed within the act of listening itself.

The Solution

Presenting forward-thinking remixes through live-score performances and a curated screening program, Audiodrome doubled as both a platform premiering innovative cohabitations in sound and moving image media, as well as the official release celebration for musician Kid606’s Bored Of Excitement. Situating audio infusers alongside purveying animators and video artists, Audiodrome pushes audiovisual events into a territory of participatory experimentation. Like the highly original and stylized productions of Kid606, Audiodrome utilizes the ‘mash-up’ as both content and springboard for elaboration— refiguring ‘live-score’ events and modular schematics into an unprecedented realm where new audiovisual paradigms take form.

The Result

Performances included a live music performance by Kid 606 elevated through synchronized video artworks by Kate Parsons and Alex Pelly in addition to live-score film remixes provided by KrOn and Anenon. The video program of Audiodrome featured works by Adam Ferriss, Cristopher Cichocki, Eric Parren, Jeanette Bonds, Johnny Woods and Suzy Poling.