Digital Sights

Exhibitions / Public Art

The Challenge

Digital Sights successfully activated a retail center’s digital directories and interactive touch screen displays with digital artwork in a quarterly exhibition series. Debuting a featured artist project monthly, Digital Sights excavates the shifting role of patterns in designed landscapes. Inherently relational, advances in optic tools, sensors, and computing have expanded our understanding of patterns as a link between the architectural, natural, cultural, and civic realms. As technology evolves, and the opposition between art and commerce grows, how can dated “civic spaces” realign themselves as public forums? How can we create new sites for experience-driven engagement? How can we render a “natural” meeting place of cultural relevance within the monotonous relics of yesterday?

The Solution

Leveraging the commercial retail center as a platform with potential to serve as a unique civic asset, Digital Sights showcased screen-based projects spanning video artworks and user-activated experiences. Articulating the artifice inherent to the site against the location’s picturesque mountain setting, the curated exhibition united a roster of renowned artists whose work extends the topography and monumentality of landscape within the interior of the built environment. Traversing digitized and fictional territories, Digital Sights positions “the mall” as a malleable stage teetering utopia and dystopia– a public forum capable of creating windows for how and where we look at ideas to shape spaces serving tomorrow.

The Artists

Featuring projects by Andrew Benson, Ezra Miller, Giselle Zatonyl, Nicolas Sassoon and Rick Silva, and Sabrina Ratté.