Events / Exhibitions

The Challenge

Founded by Kate Parsons, Sharsten Plenge and Janna Avner in 2016, FEMMEBIT is a platform uniting Los Angeles based female-identifying artists working in video and new media. Spanning a curated program of symposiums, screenings and exhibitions, FEMMEBIT examines today’s society at large as an ever-changing medium; how women working with and between technologies enable progressive ideas to be born through active creation; and how we, as proponents of these fields, must work together to shape, share, and grow a future receptive open to progress.

The Solution

Returning as a 3-day festival in June 2019, FEMMEBIT featured over 75 artists in day-to-night programs of screenings, performances, panels, and on-site AR and VR exhibitions. Showcasing artists ranging in career and media trajectories, FEMMEBIT places creators in context to enrich narratives explored through their individual practices. An initiative creating visibility via access, FEMMEBIT is committed to remaining a free festival. To amplify fundraising efforts for 2019, FEMMEBIT incarnated as a series of pop-ups launched during March’s Women’s Month and continued through the festival at Civic Center Studios in downtown LA’s historic core from May 31-June 2.

The Result

Highlighting purveyors in the field of art and technology, FEMMEBIT has received features in ART News, Hyperallergic, LA Weekly, Saatchi Art’s CANVAS, Art and Cake, VR Scout and VICE.