Events / Exhibitions / Performances

The Challenge

In conjunction with the release of The WORK Magazine’s seventh issue, Semiospheres was a group show traversing an ever expanding and isomorphic visual topography. Semiospheres was on view at the Ace Downtown Los Angeles with an opening night of live performances.

The Solution

Placing artists featured in the magazine’s collaboration-focused issue alongside select LA luminaries, Semiospheres bridged a body of artists whose diversified practices inform a structure and unity supported by another. When placed in context with each other, these artists can be seen as a seminal collaborative— assimilating various media to encode and sustain new multifaceted visual architectures for exchange and interaction.

The Result

ARTISTS: Ariana Papademetropoulos, Christopher Reid Martin, Doty/Glasco (JR Doty x Joe Glasco), Jordan Minardi, LADZ  (John Arsenault-Swiader x Adrian Gilliland), Lani Trock, Maximilla Lukacs x Todd Weaver, Nathalia Margot, Pilar Zeta, Sera Lindsey and Suzy Poling. PERFORMANCES: Danny Dolan and TIT. DJS: Silent Servant (Hospital Productions), Kid606 (Tigerbeat6), ZØRAYA (The Phuture Perfect) and Live For Each Moon (Tears of Joy/Pacific Horizons).