Try To Forget

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The Challenge

In an age where our virtual life consumes our physical state of being, the lines between IRL and URL dissolve through limitless manipulation. Virtually extended, we function in communication networks as both alienated subject and mediated object—where representations of history, society, adolescence, youth, and ourselves are commonly perceived as lived experience. With the pop-culturification of identity and expansion of open-source networks, distinctions between information and value collapse into meaningless noise.

The Solution

Like the internet itself, the audio and visual artists presented in this group show deconstruct the past to reassemble fragments into new strange hybrid forms and futures. Juxtaposing this new habitat in a political climate where recurring themes of corruption, immorality, violence, and the invasion of basic privacies are fixed realities, these artists allude to a lifestyle deeply entrenched in manufactured need. Overloaded and overwhelmed, the works on view in this exhibition overlooking the busy lights of Hollywood Blvd prompts that perhaps the only hope is to Try To Forget.

The Result

VISUAL ARTISTS: Anthony Antonellis, Aria Maximillian, Bebe Bones, Carlos A Etchverry, Crystal Brackett, Dave Hudson, Dorian Wood, Eron Rauch, Gabe Martinez, Hush B Quiet, Ian Aleksander Adams, James Marshall, Jen Miller, Jim Anderson, Jimmy Swill, Lydia Jones, Marci Pinna, Mattie Hillock, Mauzy Virginia, Natalie Hands, Nora Quinn, Rae Threat, Rhys Jones, Sammy Wong, Spencer Keller, Terrell Davis, Tracy Clark, Trevor Brolin, Trevor Treglia and Xe Davis. SCREENINGS: Molly Ryan, H. Martis, Estrid Lutz, Emile Mold, Faith Holland, Logan Owlbeemoth (Tachyons+), Obfuscated Visuals and Vishal Nirvana. PERFORMANCES: Bastard Noise + Witches of Malibu, Breakdancing Ronald Reagan, Circuit Rider Crowhurst, Endometrium Cuntplow and Hive Mind. INSTALLATION: Jay Gambit. READING: Ian Dick Jones.