Tunnel Vision

Events / Performances / Public Art

The Challenge

Aligning with the neighborhood’s Cypress Village Art Walk, WOAH presented Tunnel Vision, a one-night audiovisual exhibition set within and inspired by the underground. Housed along the overground periphery and below within a former pedestrian passageway, Tunnel Vision aimed to be a temporary portal inducing expanded states of awareness.

The Solution

Pooling tastes for elements typically limited to ‘underground’ events, Tunnel Vision united hyphenated-genre-eluding experimental music, illusive light optics, and interactive installations exploring the in-between, to create a hypnotic experience of augmented sight and sound, video projections and mapped installations, space and perception. All within and surrounding the site of a tunnel.

The Result

. PROJECTION ARTISTS: Akiko Yamashita, Alex Benzer, Asa Fox, Aaron Fooshee, Brian B. Decker, Evan Weitzberg, LURK, Mapjacks Projection Mapping Crew, MN Visual Nemo, Ryan P. Griffin and Shelley Holcomb. INSTALLATIONS: Daiana Feuer, Klaus Pinter and Sammy Wong. SOUND ARTISTS: Crowhurst, Josh Garza (Secret Machines), Joshua Anzano, Leslie Dugger, Mor Elian, Nu Speed and Thomas K.