Weekly WOAH | Nov 6-12

// Thursday, Nov 6Eureka & the Biomass | 5 Car Garage

  • EUREKA & the BIOMASS, at 5 Car Garage, Santa Monica.
    A ‘Beauty & the Beast’ set in 2100, Megan Daalder’s sci-fi musical follows a human’s love affair with a synthetic organism: ‘the biomass,’ a spectacular behemoth, humanoid puppet.  Performances are sold-out, but meet the biomass today 1-4pm & by appt.  RSVP for location map x info.
    thru Nov 10

// Friday, Nov 7Artworks by Mike Kelley

// Saturday, Nov 8 

// Sunday, Nov 9Frank Bretschneider | HRLA

// Wednesday, Nov 12

// last-looks 

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