AUDIODROME: Terminal Vortex

Introducing AUDIODROME: a new playground for presenting forward-thinking audiovisual remixes. Premiering at the Cinefamily next Thursday, the event series debuts with Vol 1: Terminal Vortex. The first iteration doubles as a platform for showcasing new audiovisual cohabitations and as the official record release soiree for Kid606’s latest beats on Tigerbeat6. Synthesizing audio infusers alongside purveying animators and video artists, Audiodrome pushes live-score performances into an unexplored territory for experimentation and permeation.  Like the highly original and stylized productions of Kid606, Audiodrome utilizes the ‘mash-up’ as both content and springboard for elaboration— refiguring ‘live-score’ schematics into an unprecedented realm where audiovisual paradigms take form.


Live-score A/V performances from:

Kid 606 x Alex Pelly

Kid606 x Kate Parsons



Systematic Disease
Animation by Jeanette Bonds x Music by Paul Fraser

AUDIODROME // Vol. 1 – Terminal Vortex
Thursday, May 21st

Kid 606’s Bored of Excitement drops May 19th!

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Presented by Cinefamily x Tigerbeat6 x WOAH