Last-look: Suddenly I See Crystal Clear

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Conceptualizing space as collaborative and fluid, Christopher Füllemann and Daniel V. Keller transform the narrow walls of VACANCY into a conduit transcoding a simulated stream of natural wonder. A sculptural installation created on-site in a mere two-weeks, Suddenly I See Crystal Clear is first in a series of ongoing shows to visualize the collaboration between artist couples. Residual of their temporal cohabitation inaugurating this live/work residency, Füllemann and Keller stage an environment liquefying the linear flow of time.

Animating surfaces with cinematic effects, a deep violet sets us within a Pantone oceanic floor. Like a canvas, the duo treat the floor as a green screen, ‘positing it as a transparent frame for the rematerialization of their own sculptures.’ Puddling bronzes babble through this synthetic sea— their patina and weight I learn to be built of plaster, styrofoam, and sawdust accumulated through crafting the modular fence depositing us within this rhizome.  Like a perpendicular delta, a peach armature obscures our initial ascent into this virtual plane— a space where organic matter is mapped into a cascading freeze-frame. Dressing the west wall (facing the direction of the ocean IRL), a waterfall is immortalized as a giant vinyl— a flowing phenomenon rendered static that oscillates through currents of pixelization and hyperreal decoration.

Manipulating spatial conditions through approximating and mimicking artificial and natural structures, the Swiss artists transcribe an experience placing us amidst the work rather than on top of it. Here, placed in a picturesque vitrine, crystalline water pours infinite from what we can assume to be an image inspired by the Alps. This hallmarked purity stands in stark contrast to the bleak backdrop of an actuality right outside. A reality where an urban street scape on an 85 degree autumn day shines in crisp view; where barren trenches of a statewide drought perpetually seep through VACANCY’s storefront window bars. The tides realized through the synthesis of Füllemann and Keller’s typically individualized practices are thoughtful, reflective, and cohesive— forming a dioramic digital landscape whose ebbs and flows catch quick, shiny glimmers from passing cars, alluding to an ambiguous continuity.

Suddenly I See Crystal Clear up at VACANCY thru Friday, Oct 9th with special last-look hours 12-5pm. Regular gallery hours 12-5pm Saturday and Sunday or by appointment. 

All photos © VACANCY and WOAH
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