Last-look: A Guide to Benefits

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A Guide to Benefits, I am immediately self-conscious of things I forgot to buy: hand sanitizer and mouthwash are set in front of the first crisp gray gradient that greets me and perpetuates Basher’s body of paintings. The ceiling’s geometric fluorescents mirror cubicles of ready-made condiments strewn within the subliminal superficiality exuding from the walls of Basher’s gaze. Black lace panties dangle haphazardly from a Nordstrom bag littered with Gatorade and crumpled tissues… last night’s coke hovers above Armani loafers… an empty glass and a full bottle of Jack… I wonder how many times I’ve woken up here before. Mail-order legs and classic cocktails break-up the crisp palette of Basher’s fictions. Like the pristine carcasses of consumerism and the mall hungry psychology Basher alludes to, the message here is discreet in it’s double-sided irony and imitation of cosmetic constructs. Maybe all of these things are disposable and superfluous, but if I bought them at least I would own them. Closing this Saturday, July 25th at Anat Ebgi (Culver City). Open Tuesday–Saturday 11am–6pm. All photos © Anat Ebgi.

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