A newly established platform for audiovisual remixes, our live-score collaboration with Cinefamily returns under the guise VideoSonics. This time we accentuate the dazzling effects visible through reconfiguring auditory schematics. Creating another acoustic space for cinematic narratives to unfold, these artists place us in a new kind of sound world— one where subject and other are placed within listening itself.  Here, in a paradigm for another form of hearing, we are placed in context with ideas permeating the concept of noise in music and distinguishing ‘noise’ as a style within music itself. Forced to unlisten, we navigate images spliced to soundtracks of layered dissonance. Listening between rather than relying on their movement onscreen— we see how noise and music, performance and perception, theater and film, cross over into one another, oscillating as fragments that rely on each other’s mutual undoings to transvalue the materiality inherent to their media.

With performances from Xiu Xiu, Pod Blotz, and Live For Each Moon to re-cuts combining avant-garde aesthetics with grind-house shocks, each cinematic diversion obscures boundaries between fiction and reality, desire and experience, and challenges the often ubiquitous tapestry of watching VS feeling. Followed by screenings and a patio soirée for the new short exploring the dark undercurrents of Asian fetish, Carnal Orient.


Live-score performances from:

Xiu Xiu VS Under Blossoming Cherry Trees – (Shinoda, 1975)

Pod Blotz VS Funeral Parade of Roses – (Matsumoto, 1969)

Live For Each Moon VS Crocodile – (Ki Duk Kim, 1996)

Screenings x Reception for:

Carnal Orient – (Mila Zuo x Angela Seo, 2015)

VideoSonics - XiuXiu - CarnalOrient

Thursday, July 30th


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