Weekly WOAH | July 24-30

Tricia Lawless Murray Queen of Hearts at Cohen Gallery.

// Thursday, July 24

Marshtepper at Complex. Image: Jane Pain

Marshtepper at Complex.
Image: Jane Pain

// Friday, July 25

// Saturday, July 26

Ideal Territory at Cirrus Gallery.

  • KChung TV with Experimental Half-Hour at Made In LA, at the Hammer, Westwood.
    Produced through EHH, KChung Radio launches KChung TV before live audiences with episodes playing on-site during museum hours, and archived online at kchung.tv.  This week’s episode welcomes: CRYSTALLINE MORPHOLOGIES – Gabie Strong, POWER MALLET – Luke Fischbeck, and OUT OF THIS WORLD – Adam Taylor.
  • Native Strategies: Issue #5 Music Issues, at LACE, Hollywood.
    Native Strategies: N (enter) S at LACE is a Native Strategies issue come to life within three-dimensional space. Throughout their residency, Native Strategies invites over 30 artists to perform in the LACE galleries and enact the process of producing a journal.
    1-2pm – Odeya Nini & Oscar Miguel Santos Boscar Bantos Sister Mantos)
    2-3pm – Dorian Wood & Claire Cronin.
  • Ideal Territory, at Cirrus Gallery, DTLA.
    Group show of works obliquely considering ‘territory’ itself—as domain, history, narrative, and site of comparison.  Curated by Elan Greenwald.
    Opening reception: 6-8pm
    Through Aug 16
  • The Cartographer, at Charlie James Gallery, Chinatown.
    Group show extending abstracted ideas of mapping. Works by Charles Gaines, Steve Roden, Joshua Segura, Alise Spinella, Clarissa Tossin, Cody Trepte, and Samira Yamin.  Curated by Alise Spinella.
    Opening reception: 7pm
    Through Aug 30
  • Instagram Mini-Marathon with Hans Ulrich Obrist, at Million Dollar Theater, DTLA.
    Panel with artists and insta-purveyors on how the virtual space pace provides for extending ideas and practices.  Moderated by Hans Ulrich Obrist.  Feat guests: boychild, Simon Castets, Meg Cranston, Michel Gaubert, Alex Israel, Niko Karamyan, Rachel Lor, John Ennis, Kevin McGarry, Ryder Ripps, & Frances Stark.
  • Mike Kelley Closing Party, at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, DTLA.
    MOCA and the Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts celebrate the closing of the exhibition.  Feat. live DJ sets by Psychopop, Friendzone, FUXUS, Dangel xxx, Jason Yates, and mr.imd with food trucks, cash bar & more!  Co-hosted by Opening Ceremony.

    Adam Ferriss, Crystal Display, at Ghostings 1-Year.

    Adam Ferriss, Crystal Display (excerpt),  at Ghosting’s 1-Year.

  • Ghosting 1 Year Anniversary!, at Ghosting.tv HQ, DTLA.
    Videos:Andrew Benson, Ian Cheng, Jen Stark, Johnny Woods, Adam Ferriss, & many more; Music: Chrome Canyon, Telecaves, KrOn; Games: LA Game Space; 16mm films: Lost & Found Film Club; Food: Brun’s Creole Soul Kitchen
Patrick Nagel.

Patrick Nagel at 2A.

// Sunday, July 27

Mike Kelley, GET THERE!

Mike Kelley, GET THERE!

// Monday, July 28

// Tuesday, July 29

David Hendren at 5  Car Garage.

David Hendren at 5 Car Garage.

// Wednesday, July 30

// last-looks 

Weekly WOAH | July 17-23

Image: J J Steele. Chiara Giovando at Issue#5 at LACE.

// Thursday, July 17

throwback Korakrit Arunanondchai: The Zoo (Avatar).  New installation opens at The Mistake Room.

// Friday, July 18

// Saturday, July 19

Images: Fredrik Nilsen (co-founder of LAFMS), performs as Extended Organ at MOCA.

Anita Bunn’s 9 tone lithographs at Offramp Gallery.

// Sunday, July 20

// Monday, July 21

// Tuesday, July 22

// Wednesday, July 23

// last-looks 

Anthony Samaniego at Slow Culture.

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Weekly WOAH | July 10-16

// Thursday, July 10 

In The Flesh

In The Flesh at Crowded House.

// Friday, July 11

Experimental Half-Hour at Made In LA.

// Saturday, July 12

// Sunday, July 13

// Monday, July 14

// Tuesday, July 15

Lost & Found Film Club presents Naughty Bits

// Wednesday, July 16

  • Lost & Found Film Club: NAUGHTY BITS, at Cinefamily, West Hollywood.
    Awkward teens, boxing burlesque queens, animated cut-paper penises, and feline fanciers and silly smut… Plus 35mm nudies compiled by 60′s Hollywood projectionists in this series of strange and sticky shorts that are as arousing as they are entertaining.

// last-looks 

Image: Katie Shapiro | at Stephen Cohen.

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Weekly WOAH | July 3 – 9

Flip City at Steve Turner Contemporary

// Thursday, July 3

  • In The Flesh, at Crowded House, DTLA.  Last day of this group show curated by Desirée Pakravan and Michelle Plotkin at this newly minted artist-run space. Contact here for viewing appt.
  • Jonas Lund: Flip City, at Steve Turner Contemporary, Mid-City.  An exhibition based entirely on what the art market ‘wants?’  Last chance to catch these data-based and produced paintings, each complete with a GPS tracking device so whereabouts can be monitored and archived online here.  #Whoa Disclaimer: You’ll either be left in a state of awe or uninspired abjection.
  • KissMe Lo Maximissimo!, at Human Resources, Chinatown.  Corazon del Sol, Thea Boyanowsky and the Colectivo KissMe present a performance of the mythical world of KissMe Lo Maximissimo. With photos, video, performance, and sound piece by Tyler Adams, and music by B+.  7pm-late.

// Friday, July 4 

Yvonne Rainer’s WAR

// Saturday, July 5

// Sunday, July 6 

KChung TV at Made In LA.

// Tuesday, July 8

Lucky Dragons: Actual Reality at the Hammer

// Wednesday, July 9

// last-looks 

Alex Katz at 356 S. Mission Rd.

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Weekly WOAH | June 26-July 2

John Wiese at Echo Park Film Center

John Wiese at Echo Park Film Center

// Thursday, June 26

// Friday, June 27

// Saturday, June 28


OLINGLINGO at Human Resources

// Sunday, June 29

// Tuesday, July 1

WIFE: The Passengers

WIFE: The Passengers on MOCAtv

// Wednesday, July 2

// last-looks 

Suzanne Wright at Commonwealth & Council

Suzanne Wright at Commonwealth & Council

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Weekly WOAH | June 19-25

With a behemoth of events happening in sprawling LA … and in a[n art] world where glimmers of grandeur are often obscured amidst monotonous mediocrity— it can be helpful to consult a cynical, curated eye…  So every Thursday you can browse here for where to scope that local art and sound #whoa.  Weekly WOAH will cover happenings at all venues, particularly those at out-of-the-box and artist-run spaces.  Follow our blog to receive e-alerts when Weekly WOAH posts.  Drop us a line to share your event.

// Thursday, June 19

David Hendren at Five Car Garage

David Hendren at Five Car Garage

// Friday, June 20

The Artist & The Computer #2: Auteurs and Experiments at Cinefamily

The Artist & The Computer #2: Auteurs and Experiments at Cinefamily

// Saturday, June 21

at Actual Size

Justin John Greene at Actual Size

  • Wikipedia Meetup: Unforgetting L.A. #4, at 356 S. Mission, Boyle Heights.  Join online magazine East of Borneo for a Wikipedia edit-a-thon aimed to build a better history of art in Southern California.  This meetup focuses on the history of local art spaces and publications.  12-5pm.
  • Motion Tracking: CalArts Post-Graduate Exhibition, at Cirrus Gallery / HyperHyper, DTLA.  New works from graduating MFAs map layers of physical and technological distance between the artist in control, their image, the site of its projection, and that of its reception. Curated by William Kaminski (co-director of former alterna space, Control Room).  Opening reception: 6-10pm.  Through July 12th.
  • Justin John Greene: A Dusk That Never Settles, at Actual Size Gallery, Chinatown.  New paintings by Justin John Greene.  Opening reception: 7-10pm.  Gallery open Saturdays 12-5pm.  Through July 19th.
  • Unsound.com Presents A Noisy Solstice, Location TBA, Culver City.  SOUND: Banetoriko, Damion Romero, French Vanilla, Gil Kuno, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Handsomest Drowned Man, Kuno-Kano, and Telecaves.  UNSOUND: VJ: Kio Griffith, Art: Shoshi Kanokohata, Calvin Marcus, Kate Parsons, Nathan Zeidman, + more.  9pm-2am.

// Sunday, June 22

Magenta at HRLA

Magenta at Human Resources

// Monday, June 23

// Tuesday, June 24

// Wednesday, June 25

// last-looks

there is nothing happening above us at

there is nothing happening above us

  • there is nothing happening above us, at Wərkärtz, DTLA.  New works by LA artists Jason Burgess and Páll Haukur in the 10,000 sq ft art complex’s gallery.  Burgess exhibits new paintings alongside installations and site-specific works by Haukur.  Curated by Shelley Holcomb.  Through June 21st.

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there is something happening above us.


On view through Saturday at DTLA’s 10,000 sq ft. arts complex Wərkärtz is a two-man exhibition provoking questions of time, space, semantics, and the authorship of the viewing experience.  Curated by head artist liaison and Wərkärtz studio resident, Shelley Holcomb, there is nothing happening above us features new site-specific works by LA based artists Jason Burgess and Páll Haukur.  At a cross-section of semiotics, the works of these artists attain an intuitive child-like playfulness through unexpected variations in scale, material, and color, while the substance of their representations exists far beyond.

werkartz15On a horizontal plane suspended just below eye level, lies Jason Burgess’ installation The Grove, a weightless sea of multicolored foam orbs stretching across the interior space.   In slow rotation, The Grove quietly animates the adjacent backdrop of Burgess’ paintings, like extraterrestrial clouds in a hanging garden.  The usual staticity of the typical gallery setting—with work level among four white walls, framing the boxed-in viewer to encounter each work like a mirror— is cleverly eradicated throughout the exhibition.  Like Burgess’ work, Haukur’s freestanding ‘clusters’ incorporating drawing, video, sculpture, and found objects, invite discovery— drawing us up-close and to the floor.  Weaving through the subconscious maze of Haukur’s compositions, lie traces of Aristotle, Baudrillard, and a hand contemplating ‘meening.’

werkartz001Haukur’s constructs are less inert objects than material situations produced from the accumulation of codes activated through an interplay of the personal and the political; the subjective and the objective; the signifier and the signified.  Shifting through perspectives and narrative, I sift through vestiges of references to texts, images, and abjection as I move about the algorithms of Haukur’s mad scientist schematics and Burgess’ floating landscapes.  Here, in the sewage of my own private simulacrum— littered with art school academia, Clement Greenberg, and Hegel— I hear Lacan…”what is repeated, in fact, is always something that occurs…as if by chance.”  Press Release.

there is nothing happening above us
works from Jason Burgess and Páll Haukur | curated by Shelley Holcomb
on view through Saturday, June 21st


Wərkärtz / Studio / Los Angeles
767 S Alameda, Building 2 #100 | Los Angeles, CA 90021
Map | located in DTLA’s Arts District next to the American Apparel factory