• We Open Art Houses
  • We connect digital and physical spaces
  • We create immersive experiences

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We Open Art Houses

We’re a creative agency and idea hub housing open spaces with unique collaborations and experiential projects.


We're a platform born out of a passion to translate ideas into experiences. We connect international artists with places and hybrid spaces to create tangible touch-points for engagement and interaction.



Project Management



Design Integration


We are collaborators. Working in tandem with artists, multimedia brands, and property owners, WOAH orients experiential projects in unexpected places.


WOAH provides oversight and management for temporary and long-term projects– whether they be regional partnerships, unique 'pop-up' ventures, ephemeral events, ongoing exhibitions or site-specific collaborations.

  • 231 Artists
  • 200000 Sq Ft of Artist’s Space
  • 99 Coffees Consumed
  • 3 Awards Recived


We build and manage projects from idea to launch.

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